January 2019


Events in January 2019

Lake Toya Illumination Street Shopping street is decorated with more than 12,000 of little lanterns, to bring the resort fantastic nights. Time: from sunset to 22:00. Everyday Hokkaido
Toyako Hot Spring
Spring Festival Illumination The event is hold to commemorate 157th year of opening of Yokohama port. Chinatown will be lit by street lanterns from 16:00 to 24:00. Nov 1(Thu) to
Mar 2(Sat)
Yokohama Chinatown
Lake Toya Illumination Tunnel There is a 70-meter long illumination tunnel around Lake Toya, creating a fairy tale world. Hokkaido wears the winter season so well, and the illumination is the perfect accompaniment for the Christmas season. Time: 19:00 to 22:00. Nov 1(Thu) to
Mar 3(Sun)
Toyako Hot Spring
Sapporo White Illumination The tress around Sapporo Odori Park and Sapporo Ekimae-dori are decorated with approximately 370,000 of lighting, creating brilliant works of art that liven up the entire area and bring a romantic night to Sapporo. Nov 22(Thu) to
Mar 14(Thu)
Sapporo Odori Park
Ice Monster Illumination All trees will be covered with snow and ice and they just look like monsters. It only appears in very few mountains in the world. Ice Monster will be illuminated from 17:00 to 21:00 during the event. Adult 2,600 ye, Child 1,300 yen. Dec 22(Sat) to
Mar 3(Sun)
Jizo Mountain
Nachi Falls Illumination You can enjoy the fantasy world of Nachi Falls provided by the lightning from evening to sunrise. Dec 31(Sat) to
Jan 1(Sun)
Nachi Falls
New Year event There will be spectacular hawk presentations and shows, traditional tea ceremonies, and traditional Japanese New Year toy experience. Visitors also can enjoy seasonal flowers and a serene, relaxing atmosphere. Jau 2(Wed) and 3 (Thu) Tokyo
Hamarikyu Gardens
Dontosai Festival Worshippers bring their New Year's decorations to be burned in a large bonfire and pray for good health, good fortune and the well-being of their families. Hadakamairi (men dressed only in loincloths marching to the shrine) is the highlight. Jan 14(Mon) Miyagi
Osaki Hachiman Shrine
Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival Ice sculptures that have a brilliant blue color during the day and are colorfully illuminated at night. Visitors can also enjoy ice slides, horseback riding, food, fireworks displays, ice weddings, free flower service, Japanese drum performances, etc. Jan 25(Fri) to
Feb 17(Sun)
Lake Shikotsu
Ice Festival Many ice statues and objects are colourfully illuminated, and fireworks are displayed on weekends. Events held include a dance of the Ainu, Yosakoi Soran team, and taiko. Jan 25(Wed) to
Mar 17(Sun)
Soun-kyo Gorge
Tokachigawa Swan Festival Sairinka It is a fantastic, unique winter event featuring light objects of all sizes and colors. The snow-covered ground, the night sky filled with twinkling stars combine to take visitors to a new world of fantasy. Jan 26(Sat) to
Feb 24(Sun)
Tokachigawa Hot Sping
Sapporo Snow Festival A snow festival which is held every February in Sapporo. It is also the largest winter event in Sapporo, a large number of splendid snow statues and ice sculptures line in the park. Jan 31(Thu) to
Fed 11(Mon)
Sapporo Odori Park