June 2019


Events in June 2019

Iomante Fire Festival Gathering around a bonfire, Ainu people dance and sing to pray for peace and visitors’ health with Ainu ceremonial dress as they did in the ancient time. Mar 18(We)~
Nov 30(Mon)
Lake Akan
Exhibition of gosho dolls preserved by Maeda Family A display of 200 gosho dolls. Gosho dolls are considered to be the most well finished traditional Japanese dolls. Those that have been preserved by the Maeda family have a long and distinguished history that goes back many generations. Apr 23(Thu) to
Jun 29(Mon)
Lake Toya Long-run Firework Every night for 20 minutes starting at 8:45 pm, the Lake Toyako night sky becomes full of fireworks. The fireworks are moved while being launched, visitors can enjoy them from everywhere in the resort. Apr 28(Fri) to
Oct 31(Tue)
Lake Toya
Yokohama Dragon Boat Race Over 4,000 participants from 200 teams around the world participate in this event. At the event, you can also enjoy great food and cold beer at food stands. There will be performances by brass bands and amateur bands on the stage. May 27(Sat) and 28(Sun), Jun 3(Sat) and 4(Sun) Kanagawa
Yamashita Park
Toyako Tourist Morning Market People can buy the fresh specialty of Toyako Town at low price at the morning market which will be open from 6:00 am to 8:00 am. late May to late Sep Hokkaido
Toyako Hot Spring
Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival The festival commemorates the entry of Lord Maeda Toshiie into Kanazawa Castle in 1583. The highlight is the Hyakumangoku Parade. There are also 10,000 people's dances, traditional Takigi Noh dances, tea ceremonies and floating lanterns. Jun 2(Fri) to
Jun 4(Sun)
Kanazawa Castle Park
Yosakoi Soran Festival A dynamic dance festival where about 300 teams and 40,000 dancers from throughout Japan dance to the intense rhythm at twenty different venues which near Sapporo city. The festival attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. Jun 7(Wed) to
Odori Park
Flower of Niagara & Hana Highway and Hana Kofuji You can enjoy flowers of Niagara Falls and flower streets from where Mt. Fuji can be viewed. The event is held at Oishi Park close to Lake Kawaguchi. early Jun to
mid Oct
Lake Kawaguchi
Kawaguchiko Herb Festival Held in Yagizaki Park and Oishi Park, an area known for its fresh air filled with the scent of lavender from wild flower beds. During the festival, various herbs, flowers and hand-made crafts are sold while special events, such as music, go on. Jun 19(Fri) to
Jul 9(Sun)
Lake Kawaguchi
Saito Ogomaku Firewalking Monks walk barefoot across the fire which is the burning of nadegi or sticks with the hopes and desires of the people written on them upon the sacred fire and the burning is meant to release the desire and make it come true. Jun 18(Sun) Fukui
Takidaniji Temple
Shikotsuko Lake Festival This fantastic summer festival includes a drum and life band parade, a sunset concert, a ceremony involving floating lanterns on the water, and an evening fireworks display. Jun 24(Sat) and 25(Sun) Hokkaido
Lake Shikotsu
Flower Festival The flower bed which is made of 26,000 flowers of 92 species including calendula is the highlight of the event. Visitors can also see the flower monument and buy orchid and gardening groceries. Jun 24(Sat) to
Jul 2(Sun)
Odori Park
Flower Story The whole shopping street will be full of flowers with a giant flower bed in the center of the shopping street and flower pots displayed by every hotel and shop. late Jun to
early Oct
Soun-kyo Gorge