August 2019


Events in August 2019

Lake Toya Long-run Firework Every night for 20 minutes starting at 8:45 pm, the Lake Toyako night sky becomes full of fireworks. The fireworks are moved while being launched, visitors can enjoy them from everywhere in the resort. Apr 28(Tue) to
Oct 31(Sun)
Lake Toya
Toyako Tourist Morning Market People can buy the fresh specialty of Toyako Town at low price at the morning market which will be open from 6:00 am to 8:00 am. late May to late Sep Hokkaido
Toyako Hot Spring
Flower of Niagara & Hana Highway and Hana Kofuji You can enjoy flowers of Niagara Falls and flower streets from where Mt. Fuji can be viewed. The event is held at Oishi Park close to Lake Kawaguchi. early Jun to
mid Oct
Lake Kawaguchi
Flower Story The whole shopping street will be full of flowers with a giant flower bed in the center of the shopping street and flower pots displayed by every hotel and shop. late Jun to
early Oct
Soun-kyo Gorge
Iomante Fire Festival Summer Version Gathering around a bonfire, Ainu people dance and sing to pray for peace and visitors’ health with Ainu ceremonial dress as they did in the ancient time. Jul 1(Sat) to
Aug 31(Thu)
Lake Akan
Ueno Summer Festival It features a different event everyday, like a toro nagashi paper-lantern floating ceremony, an ice-sculpture display, dance performances, stands to sell local specialties, antique market, and among them, Ueno Natsu Matsuri Parade is the highlight. Jul 14(Fri)~
Aug 14(Mon)
Ueno Park
Sapporo Summer Festival Millions of people enjoy the most famous event in the summer of Hokkaido, with open-air beer gardens and various events such as bon dancing, handicrafts bazaar, masquerade contest. Jul 20(Thu) to
Aug 17(Thu)
Odori Park
Toyako Hot Spring Summer Festival Temple festival will be hold from 19:00 to 21:00. There will also be Obon dances from 19:30 to 20:30, August 1 to 15, which visitors can join. Jul 28(Fri) to
Aug 15(Tue)
Toyako Hot Spring
Sounkyo Fire Festival Ainu traditional ceremony which prays for bumper crop. The festival will be performing ainu traditional dance, Himatsuri-drum-beat, religious services of owl and the display of fireworks. Jul 29(Sat) to Aug 15(Tue) Hokkaido
Soun-kyo Gorge
Kusatsu Onsen Appreciation Festival One of the 3 most famous hot spring festivals in Japan. The 2-day festival with dancing, music to give thanks for the area's hot springs. The highlight is the ritual performed by the hot spring goddess, a young woman selected by the townspeople. Aug 1(Tue) and 2(Wed) Gunma
Kusatsu Hot Spring
Morioka Sansa Odori Sansa Odori is the traditional festival dance to celebrate the banishing of a demon. Over 10,000 taiko drummers, flute players and dancers parade through the city in the largest taiko drum festival in the world. Visitors can join the festival as a dancer. Aug 1(Tue) to
Morioka City
Hakodate Port Festival The largest summer event in Hakodate. There are fireworks and portable shrines parade. Wasshoi Hakodate is dancing parades. Over 20,000 dancers dressed in kimono or costumes dance Hakodate Port Dance, YOSAKOI and Hakodate local dance. Aug 1(Tue) to
Hakodate City
Hirosaki Neputa Festival One of the four major festivals in Hirosaki. With the sounds of drums and festival music, about 80 floats of heroes and warriors from works of classical Chinese literature march through the streets shouting "Ya ya do!". Aug 1(Tue) to
Hirosaki City
Aomori Nebuta Festival More than 20 large lantern floats depicting human figures are paraded through city streets. Each float is accompanied by haneto dancers chanting "Rassera, Rassera". Two hour fireworks display along the waterfront closes off the festivities. Aug 2(Wed) to
Aomori City
Akita Kanto Festival One of five great festivals in Tohoku Region. The highlight is an impressive display of skill in which performers balance kanto (long bamboo poles) with arrays of paper lanterns attached to the end. Parades are held both at daytime and night. Aug 3(Thu) to
Akita City
Kawaguchiko Kojosai Festival The biggest and last firework festa in Fuji five lakes. The event is said to purify and wash away all evil. The highlight is afternoon concert, while over 5,000 fireworks bring the festival to a close as they light up the summer sky. Aug 4(Fri) and 5(Sat) Yamanashi
Lake Kawaguchi
Goshogawara Tachi Nebuta Tachi Neputa festival is a night festival where floats are carried around in a parade. “Tachi” means “standing” in Japanese and the floats can be as big as about 70 feet tall and weigh around 15 tons. Aug 4(Fri) to
Goshogawara City
Asagaya Tanabata Festival Known as one of the three greatest Tanabata festivals in Japan. People put up lots of huge paper dolls from the roof as well as the traditional decorations. Characters could be anything from popular cartoon characters. Aug 4(Fri) to
Odawara Sakawagawa Fireworks 5,000 fireworks in a variety of colors are launched. In the finale, a firework depicting Niagara waterfall as large as 300m appears along Odawara-ohashi Bridge and brilliantly decorates the summer night sky. Aug 5(Sat) Kanagawa
Odawara Castle Park
Furusato Maturi Fireworks One of Chiba's big events. Fireworks show are held at Katakai beach. 2,000 dancers join the local traditional dance parade. Aug 5(Sat) Chiba
Kujukuri Beach
Takigi Noh Takigi Noh is a Noh play that is performed on an open-air stage located in Izumi Shrine and illuminated by torchlight. Every 1st Sat of Aug Kumamoto
Suizenji Jojuen Park
Kurayoshi Utsubuki Festival This festival lasts for two days and includes Japanese traditional dance performances, float parade, contests, a large fireworks show and food stands. Aug 5(Sat) and 6(Sun) Tottori
Shirakabe Dozogun
Hanagasa Festival One of five great festivals in Tohoku Region. Led by festival floats, about 10,000 dancers wearing the same costume per group and holding hanagasa hats adorned with Yamagata's unique safflowers parade through the streets of Yamagata City. Aug 5(Sat) to
Yamagata City
Sendai Tanabata Festival One of five great festivals in Tohoku Region and one of most famous tanabata celebrations in Japan. Thousands of colorful 3-5 meter long streamers decorate the city's shopping arcades, which come to resemble brightly colored forests. Aug 6(Sun) to
Sendai City
Oshino Hakkai Festival Bon dance, Japanese drum, concerts, shows are performed to worship the gardian of Ohino Hakkai. The main events are mountain bon fire and thousands of fireworks launched with music. Aug 8(Tue) Yamanashi
Oshino Hakkai
Fukagawa Hachiman Festival One of the three largest festivals of Edo. About 50 portable shrines parade through main avenue. The festival is also known as "water-throwing festival", as spectators throw water on the portable shrine carriers to refresh them of the heat of summer. Aug 11(Fri) to
Summer Candle Night About 2,000 candles will be lit up and placed in the garden of the church. The event starts at 19:30. Aug 11(Fri) to
Karuizawa Kogen Church
Nara Great Bonfire Festival It is said to be the largest bonfire festival in Japan. The event helps to enhance our pure mind and console the spirits of the dead. There are 108 fire grates arranged to form the letter "dai". 108 fire grates representing people's 108 earthly desires. Aug 15(Tue) Nara
Nara City
Hakone Great Bonfire Festival Torches are lit on Mountain Myojogatake which is 924 meter-high so that they form the shape of the Chinese character for 'big'. Aug 16(Wed) Kanagawa
Daimonji Bonfire Daimonji Bonfire (Daimonji Gozan No Okuribi) is Kyoto's major event in summer, in which gigantic Chinese characters and other motifs are depicted by fires located on five mountains that surround Kyoto to illuminate the surroundings. Aug 16(Wed) Kyoto
Kyoto City
Kawaguchiko Lantern Floating Lantern Floating at Lake Kawguchi has its history since 1981. All is welcome to write message on lantern and float own lantern. More than 900 lanterns carry prayers and hopes for a world of harmony and peace. Aug 16(Wed) Yamanashi
Lake Kawaguchi
Jingugaien Fireworks More than one million people to join this one of Tokyo’s three biggest fireworks. Approximately 10,000 fireworks will be hurled into the air over a paying audience within Jingu Stadium. There are also live music performance at the stadium. Aug 20(Sun) Tokyo
Miyajima Water Fireworks About 5,000 fireworks are launched from the sea, not only casting brilliant reflections on the surface of the sea but also silhouetting Shrine’s big torii. Fireworks present spectacular scenes which are complying with each year's theme. Aug 26(Sat) Hiroshima
Itsukushima Shrine
Asakusa Samba Carnival One of Tokyo’s best known events, attended annually by about 500,000 spectators. The parade features thousands of musicians and dancers in elaborate costumes, most of who go on foot, but some ride atop elaborately decorated floats. Aug 26(Sat) Tokyo
Azabu Juban Noryo Festival One of the most popular in the city, attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Dozens of stalls that line the streets to offer traditional goods and foods. Parade, music, dance, taiko drum and other shows are also planned. Aug 26(Sat) and 27(Sun) Tokyo
Tokyo Koenji Awa Dance Festival The festival sees more than 10,000 dancers and musicians parade through shopping promenades and streets around Tokyo’s Koenji Station. It attracts around 1.2 million visitors each year, and is second in size to Tokushima’s Awa Odori Festival. Aug 26(Sat) and 27(Sun) Tokyo
Harajyuku Omotesando Genki Festival Super Yosakoi Over 6,000 dancers in more than 100 teams performing the Yosakoi dance on the various stages located in Meiji-jingu, Harajuku station and Yoyogi Park. Foods and drinks sold in the street can be enjoyed while watching the performances. Aug 26(Sat) and 27(Sun) Tokyo
Harajuku Omotesando, Yoyogi Park