October 2019


Events in October 2019

Toyako Long-run Firework Every night for 20 minutes starting at 8:45 pm, the Lake Toyako night sky becomes full of fireworks. The fireworks are moved while being launched, visitors can enjoy them from everywhere in the resort. Apr 28(Tue) to
Oct 31(Sun)
Lake Toya
Flower of Niagara & Hana Highway and Hana Kofuji You can enjoy flowers of Niagara Falls and flower streets from where Mt. Fuji can be viewed. The event is held at Oishi Park close to Lake Kawaguchi. early Jun to
mid Oct
Lake Kawaguchi
Flower Story The whole shopping street will be full of flowers with a giant flower bed in the center of the shopping street and flower pots displayed by every hotel and shop. late Jun to
early Oct
Soun-kyo Gorge
Thousand Torch Festival It is an Ainu traditional event to thank the Fire of God and the northern earth. During the event, you can parade from hot spring town to Ainu Kotan holding the torch every night. Sep 1(Fri) to
Oct 8(Sun)
Lake Akan
Iomante Fire Festival Gathering around a bonfire, Ainu people dance and sing to pray for peace and visitors’ health with Ainu ceremonial dress as they did in the ancient time. Sep 1(Tue)~
Nov 30(Mon)
Lake Akan
Motomachi Charming Sale Autumn The street wide sale campaign on Yokohama’s traditional Motomachi Shopping Street. The street is lined up with clothing, variety goods, antique, cutlery, furniture, jewelry and popular foreign brand shops, delicious restaurants and fashionable cafes. Sep 23(Sat) to Oct 11(Sun) Kanagawa
Yokohama Chinatown
Yokohama Oktoberfest Munich’s world famous beer festival “Oktoberfest” is taking place in Yokohama. There’ll be some 80 types of beer, with German varieties plus the locals. Also enjoy German music, and sauerkraut and German sausages that go perfect with beer. Sep 29(Fri) to
Oct 15(Sun)
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse
National Day of the People's Republic of China National Day of the People's Republic of China to commemorate its foundation. Ethnic parades, lion & dragon dances are seen across Chinatown. Oct 1(Sun) Kanagawa
Yokohama Chinatown
The Sand-Dredging Festival The event was held to encourage sand-dredging workers in the end of Edo Period. Parades of floats and people in traditional clothes, performance of local dance and music, contest of sand carrying, bazar and many events are enjoyable. Oct 1(Sun) Hiroshima
Hiroshima Castle
Autumn Leaves Illumination The old samurai houses such as Odano Family, Kawada Family and Iwabashi Family in the Kadodate Samurai Residence Street will be illuminated together with autumn leaves. Time 18:30 to 21:30. Oct 1(Sat) to Nov 30(Thu) Akita
Kadodate Samurai Residence Street
Mid-Autumn Festival Many types of mooncakes, Chinese bakery product traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival, are provided by shops. Oct 4(Wed) Kanagawa
Yokohama Chinatown
World Festa Yokohama The festival where you can experience the culture of the world. Enjoy local foods, ethnic music, dance performances, as well as folk crafts from around the world. Oct 7(Sat) and 8(Sun) Kanagawa
Yamashita Park
Naha Tug-of-war Festival The largest event in Okinawa. Thousands of people gather in Naha to participate the event. The handmade rope is measured at 560 feet in length and weighs over 40 tons and it is recorded as the world’s largest rope. Visitors are welcome to join. Oct 7(Sat) to
Kokusai Street
Lake Shikotsu Autumn Leaves Festival Visitors can enjoy autumn harvest delicacies while viewing the season’s red and yellow leaves. Stalls selling yakitori and lottery tickets line the fairgrounds and 300 cups of miso soup with mushrooms and kokanee salmon are served. Oct 8(Sun) Hokkaido
Lake Shikotsu
Lake Akan Marimo Festival The festival is led by the local Ainu people, and culminates on the third day with a ritual in which a senior Ainu on board a small wooden boat returns the marimo one by one, carefully and thankfully, into the lake. Oct 8(Sun) to
Lake Akan
Takayama Autumn Festival Ranked as one of Japan's three most beautiful festivals. It features the gorgeous festival floats decorated with detailed carvings, tapestries, and karakuri dolls (marionettes). The evening festival is also the festival's highlight. Oct 9(Mon) and 10(Tue) Gifu
Takayama City
National Day of the Republic of China There will be a variety of ceremonies and activities here during National Day, such as a ethnic parades, lion & dragon dances. Oct 10(Tue) Kanagawa
Yokohama Chinatown
Asama Hot Spring Great Burning Torches Festival Known as one of the three strangest festivals of Japan. People carry great burning torches made of straw, and some of them are as big as 3 meters in size, walking around the town. The drumming performance is also demonstrated. Oct 14(Sat) and 15(Sun) Nagano
Matsumoto City
Indonesian-Japanese friendship Festival Tens of booths offering Indonesian delicious food and beverages. Not only traditional dance and musical performances, visitors can also enjoy POP music from Indonesia. Oct 14(Sat) and 15(Sun) Tokyo
Yoyogi Park
Kawagoe Festival The festival features spectacular festival floats carrying exquisitely crafted dolls which are pulled around the city. A highlight is ‘Hikkawase’ – a face off between floats with their accompanying orchestras while being cheered on by onlookers. Oct 14(Sat) and 15(Sun) Saitama
O-Edo Mikoshi Matsuri It features 200 groups and has more than 2,000 participants, with 13 large-size portable shrines. There will also be traditional performing arts from the Edo Period and traditional balad singing called kayo. Oct 15(Sun) Tokyo
Kiba Park
Saigu Procession A parade based on the procession which was held about 660 years ago. Hundreds of people will walk with Saio (the girl) wearing gorgeous traditional cloths. Oct 15(Sun) Kyoto
Nonomiya Shrine
Fujigane Farm Festival You can enjoy many farm foods and dairy products, as well as local fruits, vegetables and other treats and events. Oct 16(Sat) Yamanashi
Lake Kawaguchi
Hirosaki Castle Chrysanthemum and Autumn Leaves Festival The park is filled with colorful chrysanthemums include chrysanthemum dolls and beautiful autumn foliage which is also illuminated at night. Events such as folk entertainment shows, music concert on weekends and holidays are also enjoyable. Oct 20(Fri)~
Nov 12(Sun)
Hirosaki Park
Takeda Style Kisha Yabusame The archer armed with Takeda style armor to shoot the target which is 150-meter-long while riding on the horseback. Sun close to Apr 24 and Oct 17 Kumamoto
Suizenji Jojuen Park
Fuji-Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves March The official event of Japan Walking Association. About 4 thousands of people join walking aroud Fuji Five lakes. Oct 21(Sat) and 22(Sun) Yamanashi
Lake Kawaguchi
Jidai Matsuri One of the three most important festivals of Kyoto. A parade of 2,000 people attired in costumes from every period of Kyoto history winds its way on the Kyoto street, carrying the mikoshi (portable shrines) of Emperors Kammu and Komei. Oct 22(Sun) Kyoto
Heian Shrine
Kurama Fire Festival One of the three stranggest festivals in Kyoto. Watch fires called kagaribi are ignited all at once in front of the houses, and people in traditional cloth holding up small and large grand burning torches parade all night shouting "saireya, sairyo". Oct 22(Sun) Kyoto
Mazu Ascension Day The day of Mazu's ascension into heaven. Ascension ceremony will be held. Oct 28(Sat) Kanagawa
Yokohama Chinatown
Roppongi Hills Halloween Parade One of Tokyo’s largest Halloween parade. Over 3,000 people join. Participants will be asked to dress up. The one-kilometer route starts at Roppongi Hills Arena and then go down Keyaki-zaka. Children will receive snacks after the parade. Oct 28(Sat) Tokyo
Roppongi Hills
Koto-Kumin Matsuri The biggest citizen event in Koto award. Bazaar, parade, music and sports contests are held. The main event is an exhibition and display of traditional lumber workers' skills. Oct 28(Sat) and 29(Sun) Tokyo
Kiba Park
Motomachi Halloween Not only the visitors, staffs of the shops will dress up in Halloween costumes. Oct 31(Tue) Kanagawa
Yokohama Chinatown