November 2019


Events in November 2019

Iomante Fire Festival Gathering around a bonfire, Ainu people dance and sing to pray for peace and visitors’ health with Ainu ceremonial dress as they did in the ancient time. Sep 1(Tue)~
Nov 30(Mon)
Lake Akan
Autumn Leaves Illumination The old samurai houses such as Odano Family, Kawada Family and Iwabashi Family in the Kadodate Samurai Residence Street will be illuminated together with autumn leaves. Time 18:30 to 21:30. Oct 1(Sat) to Nov 30(Thu) Akita
Kadodate Samurai Residence Street
Hirosaki Castle Chrysanthemum and Autumn Leaves Festival The park is filled with colorful chrysanthemums include chrysanthemum dolls and beautiful autumn foliage which is also illuminated at night. Events such as folk entertainment shows, music concert on weekends and holidays are also enjoyable. Oct 20(Fri)~
Nov 12(Sun)
Hirosaki Park

Kawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival

There is a 150m-long tunnel made of maple leaves along the northern bank of Lake Kawaguchi. Also, there are 60 huge maple trees on both sides of the River Nashi. Nov 1(Wed) to
Lake Kawaguchi
Tokyo Metropolitan Tourism Chrysanthemum Exhibition This Exhibition which has been held since 1914 is known as Japan's foremost chrysanthemum exhibition for the quality and amount of its flowers among these held in Japan. The exhibition features approximately 2,000 masterpieces in one building. Nov 1(Wed) to
Hibiya Park
Korankei Autumn Leaves Festival You can enjoy the collaboration of maple and river during the day time and illumination in the night, as well as tea ceremony and drum performance. Crafts and food are available at stalls. Nov 1(Wed) to
Korankei Valley
Yokohama Chinatown Food Festival Although a promenade through Chinatown on any day guarantees a feast on all kinds of delicious dishes, the festival promises even more tasty fare than usual. The streets will have extra stalls, night-time illuminations, and activities for adults and kids. Nov 1(Sun) to
Yokohama Chinatown
Memorial Spring Festival Illumination The event is hold to commemorate 155th year of opening of Yokohama port. Chinatown will be lit by street lanterns from 16:00 to 24:00. Nov 1(Wed) to
Feb 28(Wed)
Yokohama Chinatown
Lake Toya Illumination Street Shopping street is decorated with more than 12,000 of little lanterns, to bring the resort fantastic nights. Time: from sunset to 22:00. Nov 1(Wed) to
Mar 31(Sat)
Lake Toya
North Gate Festival Musicians played music on the stage and Chinese lion dance group showed the performances between music lives near the stage. Everyone can join the Kung Fu shoes throwing competition by paying 1,500. Nov 3(Fri) Kanagawa
Yokohama Chinatown
Shuri Castle Festival Visitors are able to experience Okinawa traditional dances such as Ryukyu dances, Ukanshin odori and Kumiodori. Highlight is the reenacted procession of the Chinese Investiture Envoys and the coronation ceremony hold in Shurijo Castle. Nov 3(Fri) to
Shuri Castle
Hakone Daimyo Gyoretsu One of the biggest festivals in Hakone. Total of 170 people dressed up as samurai warriors and princesses parades in the town. There are performances by marching bands and dancing girls and by geigi who are unique to onsen resorts. Nov 3(Fri) Kanagawa
Yamanashi Nouveau Festival Over 30 wineries from Yamanashi where is the biggest wine produing region in Japan will present more than 60 different new wines for tasting and purchase. Nov 3(Fri) Tokyo
Hibiya Park
Princess Kazunomiya’s marriage parade The parade is the readvent of Princess Kazunomiya’s marriage travel on Nakasendo trail from Kyoto to Tokyo. In 1867, Kazunomiya, the 8th daughter of Emperor Ninko, was betrothed to the 14th Tokugawa General, Iemochi. Nov 3(Fri) Gifu
Odawara Castle Chrysanthemum Exhibition With a large flower bed, including a miniature Odawarap decorated with small chrysanthemums, as many as 800 pots of Kengai, Bonsai, and Tairin chrysanthemum blossom are exhibited. Nov 3(Fri) to
Odawara Castle Park
Cheese Festa The festival will include a cheese recipe contest, “talk shows”, food and wine matching and lots of cheese tasting with cheese producers from around the world. Nov 11(Sat) and 12(Sun) Tokyo
Kawagoe Tojinsoroi Parade In Ero period, the procession of a Joseon diplomatic mission to Japan was held to show the mutual rerationship between two countries. The parade is presented in the same form as it was. Music and dance performance can be seen too. Nov 12(Sun) Saitama
Koedo Kawagoe
Midtown Christmas The event involves romantic illumination, Santa Tress, live show, etc. The "Starlight Garden" is a particularly popular. 280,000 digitally controlled LEDs have been set up to deliver a light show lasting about five minutes, complete with music. Nov 15(Wed)~
Dec 25(Mon)
Tokyo Midtown
Lake Toya Illumination Tunnel There is a 70-meter long illumination tunnel around Lake Toya, creating a fairy tale world. Hokkaido wears the winter season so well, and the illumination is the perfect accompaniment for the Christmas season. Time: 19:00 to 22:00. Mid Nov to
early Mar
Lake Toya
Autumn Illumination In the evening, more than 90 of trees of autumn leaves are illuminated by 500 lights, making the historic garden a romantic place to vitis. Time 17:00 to 21:00. Nov 23(Thu) to
Dec 3(Sun)
Ritsurin Garden
Sapporo White Illumination The tress around Sapporo Odori Park and Sapporo Ekimae-dori are decorated with approximately 370,000 of lighting, creating brilliant works of art that liven up the entire area and bring a romantic night to Sapporo. Nov 24(Fri) to
Mar 14(Wed)
Odori Park
Hinkoko Festival With Japanese traditional music, people act the story of Susanoo quelling the orochi(mythical eight-headed serpent) which are two-meter-high dolls woven from bamboo and paper. Every 2nd Sunday of Apr and Nov 23 Gifu
Oyada Shrine