Otaru Music Box Museum

Otaru Music Box Museum

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Otaru Music Box Museum is one of the largest museum shops of music boxes, orgel, in Japan. The beautiful century-old building, designated as one of historic landmarks of Otaru City, is full of music boxes in various sizes and types.

Among many historical warehouses made by soft stones in the city, this building really stands out with red brick walls and Renaissance style arch -top windows.

In front of the museum is the Steam Clock made by a Canadian clock maker. The five steam chimes blow the melody every 15 minutes and the main steam whistles on the hour. This is a popular landmark for tourists.

Otaru Music Box Museum consists of 6 houses. The Main Building is built in 1912, providing the nostalgic atmosphere. At Otaru Music Box Museum Hall Number 2, you can enjoy the sound of Aeolian Pipe Organs, an antique automatic pipe organ, built in England and the first of its kind introduced to Japan. The Character House sells animal dolls. You can make “the only one music box in the world” at Handicraft Studio, You-Kobo. Variety of materials such as glass accessories as well as methods including fusing and sandblasting are available. Except Otaru Music Box Museum Sakaimachi, the other 5 houses are located around the Fairy Tell Intersection. Many old buildings built in mid-Meiji, Taisho and Showa era still remain in this restrict.

After Otaru became the open port for trading with the United States and the United Kingdom, western musical instruments gradually come into Otaru, many shops started selling music boxes, and naturally the music box became the Otaru’s featured product. Otaru Music Box Museum sells wide range of lineup, from music box with luxurious decoration to a delicate and pretty one, and this make Otaru Music Box Museum the representative shop in the Otaru City.


Travel Advice


- Otaru Music Box Museum Hall Number 2 holds small concert 6 times a day, which are played by the antique automatic pipe organ.

 ■Time table for concert in Otaru Music Box Museum Hall Number 2
 10:00 / 11:00 / 12:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 / 16:00
  The concert will be 20 munities.

-If you have very limited time to visit each and every brick buildings, I would recommend to walk straight to the end part of Sakaimachi Street and visit Japan’s largest music box shop the Main Building of Otaru Music Box Museum.

Hands-on experience

At Music Box & Handicraft Studio You-Kobo, visitors can experience of making their only one original music box and glass handicraft for their own memories or precious gifts. Please make advance reservation from Japanese office web site or telephone at 0134-21-3101. Duration 50 minutes+, fee 1,050 yen+.



Address 4-1 Sumiyoshi-cho, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido
Phone 0134-22-1108
Admission Free  
Hours Depend on shops
Most 09:00 to 18:00
Closed Depend on shops
Most open 7 days a Week
Duration 30 minutes
Getting There By Train
7 minute walk from JR Minamiotaru Station.
23 minute walk from JR Otaru Station.

By Car
Take Sasson Expressway to the Otaru exit. It is approximately 4 kilometers 10 minutes from exit.
Parking No parking available

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