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Ryugetsu is one of the three major sweets shops in Hokkaido. Many of the pastry chefs working here have received prizes at the annual Japan Cake Show. The representative cake Sanporoku won the gold medal at World Sweets Expo and Award of Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Ryugetsu is headquarter at Odori (Big street) in Obihiro and has a few tables for in-house dining. When you have a chance to visit Kitami City, please drop by!

At Ryugetsu, you should try Sanporoku, a german-style baumkuchen cake decorated to look like a white birch log with milk chocolate and a white chocolate coating. The ingredients such as red beans, milk, butter, sugar and eggs of the sweets are all produced in Tokachi region and other regions in Hokkaido, ensuring its quality and freshness. Sanporoku has been a favorite for around 40 years.

Not only Sanporoku, there are many other popular sweets such as cheesecake. Its cheesecake named "Red Silo" has got the first prize in the TV program titled "hidden delicious souvenirs in Japan". Its small roll cake "Ezo Meguri" which means "pilgrimage in Hokkaido" is very popular in Hokkaido either.

Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden is a factory where visitors can see the manufacturing process of Baumkuchen 'Sanporoku' and try the cake making. The first floor of the factory houses the coffee area, visitors can enjoy the sweets and coffee or tea here. Toskachina located in Obihiro-shi is a popular restaurant serving pasta, pizza, salad and other delicious dishes.

Tokachi is nicknamed the “Sweets Kingdom.” Hokkaido is known for its quality dairy goods and the region Tokachi particularly produces high quality sugar, flour and other ingredients. This makes it a conducive place for making delicious sweets.

​Apart from these three shops, there are plenty of others in Obihiro City and around Tokachi. Grab a "Tokachi Sweets Map" pamphlet from Obihiro train station tourist information center. It has information on all the wonderful sweets Tokachi has to offer!

Ryugetsu - Odori headquarter Ryugetsu - Sweetpia Garden Ryugetsu - First Lady Toya and pudding
Odori headquarter Sweetpia Garden First Lady Toya and pudding

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- The sweets served at the afternoon tea hold by the first ladies in the G8 summit which was hold in Lake Toya in 2008 was “First Lady Toya” made by Ryugetsu. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs collected the cheese cake from all pastry shops in Hokkaido through Hokkaido Government. The first lady of Former Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda evaluated these cakes and chose Ryugetsu to serve at the afternoon tea.

- The three major sweets shops in Hokkaido are Shroikoibito, Rokkatei and Ryugetsu.



Address 8-15, Odori Minami, Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido
Phone 0155-23-2101 or 0120-669-669
Admission Free  
Hours Depend on shops  
Closed Depend on shops
Duration 30 minutes
Getting There By Train
7 minute walk from Obihiro Station on the JR Nemuro Honsen.

By Car

Take Hokkaido Expressway to Abuta Toyako exit and take National Highway route 236.

Parking Parking available

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