Ryusei and Ginga Waterfall

Ryusei and Ginga Waterfall

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In the Soun-kyo Gorge there are many waterfalls. Of these, the most beautiful are the Ryusei Waterfall, with its fierce 90-meter drop, and the Ginga Waterfall, with its slender descending line of water.

Ryusei Waterfall, Ryusei means meteor, is a powerful fall seemingly bursting out of solid rock. In contrast, Ginga Waterfall, Ginga means galaxy, is a series of thin, silvery rivulets cascading down the mountainside. Ryusei Waterfall is compared to male while Ginga waterfall is compared to female from their visual impressions. Referred to by locals as the Wife and husband falls, the Ryusei and Ginga waterfalls have both been selected as one of the "top 100 waterfalls" in Japan.

At the foot of the mountain can be found the Ryusei and Ginga waterfalls from which water coming down from Mt. Daisetsu cascades down through columnar joints on the sheer cliff.

The view of the waterfalls falling from the high-rise cliffs against the background of the blue sky is overwhelming. The leaves of the trees turn red in the winter, presenting a picturesque scene combined with the white flow of water.

Both falls are popular spots for ice climbing. When the waterfalls freeze up in winter and form massive ice pillars, climbers from throughout Japan visit the place, aiming to reach the peak. You can watch or climb these waterfalls to feel their magnificence.

Ryusei and Ginga Waterfalls - Ryusei Waterfall Ryusei and Ginga Waterfalls - Ginga Waterfall
Ryusei Waterfall Ginga Waterfall

Travel Advice


- Because the two falls flow at an angle, facing one another, you cannot observe them at the same time unless you stand between them. There is Sobakudai which can look at two waterfalls at the same time if you climb the slightly steep mountain path 450m from the parking lot. The view from here is a superb view.

- These two waterfalls are located about 3 km east of Sounkyo hot spring resort. The distance between these two waterfalls is only 300 meters, so you can see both waterfalls from the side road along the Ishikari River.

- Ginga Waterfall
There is a parking lot, a gift shop and a small eatery across from the waterfall.

- Ryusei Waterfall
It cannot be seen well because of the trees in front. You may have a better view in early spring or late autumn when there are no leaves of the trees.



Address Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho, Hokkaido
Phone 01658-2-1811 (Sounkyo Tourist Assosiation)
Admission Free  
Hours Free time  
Closed Open 7 Days a Week
Duration 5 minutes
Getting There By Train
30 minutes ride by Dohoku Bus bound for Sounkyo from JR Kawakami Station to the final bus stop, change to the Dohoku Bus bound for Daisetsuzan to Takimidai bus stop, then walk approximately 1 minute. Dohoku Bus only runs between May and October.

By Car
Take Asahikawa Monbetsu Expressway to Kamikawa Sounkyo exit and take National Highway route 39. It is approximately 30 kilometers 30 minutes from exit.
Parking Free parking available

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