Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown

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The Tokyo Midtown complex, made up of six buildings and the surrounding greenery, is modern, shiny and luxurious, and art peeps around every corner. It’s also a great place to spend a day in the luxurious side of Tokyo.

Tokyo Midtown is a city within the city in the center of Tokyo's Roppongi district. Opened in March 2007, the complex includes apartments, offices, 130 shops and restaurants, museums, park space, a luxury hotel, as well as the tallest building in Tokyo, the 248 meter tall Midtown Tower.

Tokyo Midtown takes up 78,000 square meters (19.4 acres) previously occupied by the Japan Defense Agency in Roppongi area of Minato, along Gaien Higashi and close to Roppongi Station, and less than a kilometer (half a mile) from the similarly scaled Roppongi Hills complex.


Tokyo Midtown Ritz-Carlton Hotel

The 5-star Ritz-Carlton Tokyo hotel occupies floors 47 to 53 of the Midtown Tower, offering superb views of the whole of the Tokyo Metropolis. Several high-grade restaurants, mainly Japanese cuisine, are located on the 45th floor. There is a huge fitness and spa facility on the 46th floor.

Midtown Tower 

At 248 meters, Midtown Tower is Tokyo's tallest building. While office space occupies most of the building, the top floors make up the world class Ritz-Carlton Tokyo hotel and the lower floors contain conference space, a medical center and a few shops. The restaurants and bars of the Ritz Carlton are also open to non-staying guests. 

Suntory Museum of Art 

The Suntory Museum of Art shows five or six exhibitions per year, which usually focus on a particular style or theme of traditional Japanese art. Bringing the joy of art to regular life has been one of the museum's guiding principles since its foundation. First opened in 1961, the museum was relocated here with the opening of Tokyo Midtown in 2007. 


Make your way to the Galleria building for one of the most divine shopping experiences in Japan. Galleria is Tokyo Midtown's main shopping area, and has a large number of attractive high end shops. The building itself is very attractively designed with wooden hues, soft lighting and a spacious central walkway that extends to the top of the four story structure. Visitors can find fashion, interior design, cafes, restaurants and a 24 hour supermarket. 

If your budget doesn’t stretch to actually purchasing anything from these stores, you can just take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the ambiance of the beautifully designed building. Also look out for the Petapeta stamp stations, where you can collect adorable animal stamps from around the Midtown complex.

Tokyo Midtown Garden

Tokyo Midtown has a sprawling, beautifully landscaped garden space. The Midtown Garden offers even more green space and has a number of cherry trees that flower during the cherry blossom season in late March and early April. Next to it, Hinokicho Park is a Japanese style garden that belongs to the city and is located on the former site of a feudal lord's villa. Tokyo Midtown's various gardens make it one of the greenest city redevelopments in the capital. 


Tokyo Midtown opened in 2007. The nearby Roppongi Hills opened in 2003, and the National Art Center opened in 2007. Together, these attractions, all within walking distance of one another, are revitalizing and transforming Roppongi from a nightlife area to a trendy, sophisticated yet accessible neighborhood. Local merchants have benefited a great deal from the foot traffic between the three developments.

Popular shops - Tokyo Midtown Cafes and Restaurants - Tokyo Midtown Beautifully landscaped garden - Tokyo Midtown
Popular shops Cafes and restaurants Beautifully landscaped garden

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Events in 2019
Midtown Christmas The event involves romantic illumination, Santa Tress, live show, etc. The "Starlight Garden" is a particularly popular. 280,000 digitally controlled LEDs have been set up to deliver a light show lasting about five minutes, complete with music. Nov 14(Thu)~
Dec 25(Wed)


Address 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-3475-3100 (Tokyo Midtown Information Center)
Admission Free  
Hours 11:00~21:00  Shops
11:00~24:00  Restaurants
Closed Open 7 Days a Week
Duration 1 hour
Getting There By Train
3 minutes walk from Roppongi Station on subway Oedo Line.
1 minute walk from Nogizaka Station on Hibiya Oedo Line.
3 minutes walk from Nogizaka Station on Chiyoda Line.
10 minutes walk from Roppong Roku-chome Station on subway Nanboku Line.

By Car
Take Inner Circular Route of Shuto Expressway to the Iikura exit. It is approximately 0.9 kilometers, 5 minutes from exit.
Take Inner Circular Route of Shuto Expressway to the Kasumigaseki exit. It is approximately 2 kilometers from exit.
Take Route 4 (Shinjuku Route) of Shuto Expressway to the Gaien exit. It is approximately 2.2 kilometers from exit.
Parking Paid parking available

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