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荣 荣

Sakae, along with the Meieki area around Nagoya Station, is Nagoya city's main shopping, entertainment and commercial area, dealing predominately to the young and young at heart, as well as the town's legions of students and salarymen in search of after-hours fun. Enjoy shopping in the department stores, malls, and the huge underground complex, and also enjoy the night view.

There are plenty of facilities to enjoy shopping in Sakae. First, there are the department stores of Meitetsu, Matsuzakaya, Maruei and Mitsukoshi. The Nagoya branch of Matsuzakaya, especially, boasts the largest department store in Japan in terms of area. There are also large shopping facilities such as Parco, Nadia Hall, and Sunshine Sakae, and besides apparel shops, there are movie theaters, bookstores, music venues, cafes and restaurants. In recent years, the number of boutiques and brand shops has increased, and the energy of Sakae has been gradually increasing. At night, the area lights up in neon and drinking establishments. There are also the large underground streets centering around Sakae’s Higashiyama Line such as Mori-no-Chikagai, Sakaechika and Central Park. At the eateries and cafes of Mori-no-Chikagai and Sakaechika, you can try Ogura Toast and foods stewed in miso that are only found in Nagoya, while Central Park has a reputation among young people and women for ladies’ fashion. ,If you come to Sakae, please enjoy the shopping in these huge underground shopping streets.

Sakae's main landmarks are the space-ship-like Oasis 21 building and the soaring Nagoya TV Tower adjacent to each other around Sakae subway station. TV Tower is the symbol of Sakae, and it is located inside Hisaya Odori Park. There are avenues lined with camphor trees and fountains. At night, the tower is lit and can be seen all over Sakae. Next to that same tower is the large facility of Oasis 21 which has restaurants and stores. Underneath Oasis 21is a multipurpose complex including a bus terminal and shopping center. It is great to leisurely stroll through nature.

Sakae spreads north south along Hisaya Odori from Hisaya Odori Station to Sakae Station to Yaba-cho all on the Meijo Line and the parallel north-south Otsu Dori to the west. Hisaya Odori is split by the linear Hisaya Odori Park, which becomes Central Park at its northern end. Popular events are held in this park on the weekend. Hisaya Odori Park is one of the venues for the Nagoya Festival as well as many annual food, drink and music events throughout the year including a Nagoya Oktoberfest (held in July), a Thai festival and Belgian beer festival (over Golden Week).

Heading west is the nearby Fushimi district of financial institutions, museums and restaurants and then on to Nagoya Station.

At stations at each of these lines where they come together, the Higashiyama Line, under Hirokoji-dori running parallel to Nishiki-dori, and the Meijō Line and Meitetsu Seto Line, under Hisaya-odori, have vast underground shopping areas, such as Sakae-Mori Underground Shopping Center (in Sakae Station), Sakae Chika (under Hirokoji-dori), and Central Park (under the northern section of Hisaya-Odori Park.) Under Hisaya-odori Park are huge, multistory parking areas such as Hisaya Municipal Parking Area and Angel Park.

松坂屋及PALCO-荣 绿洲21-荣 地下街「SAKAECHIKA」-荣
Department store Matsuzakaya and PALCO Oasis 21 Underground shopping street "SAKAECHIKA"

Travel Advice


- Tourist service center located in the basement floor of Oasis 21 provides domestic and foreign tourists sightseeing consultation, tourist information and other services, which can be used as a base for sightseeing in the city. You can also find souvenirs here.



Address Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Phone 052-962-7143(Sakaecho Shopping Street Association)
Admission Free  
Hours Free time  
Closed Open 7 Days a Week
Duration 1 hour
Getting There By Train
1 minute walk from Sakae Station on subway Higashiyama Line or subway Meijo Line.
1 minute walk from Yabacho Station on subway Meijo Line.
1 minute walk from Fushimi Station on subway Higashiyama Line or Tsurumi Line.
1 minute walk from Hisayaodori Station on subway Sakuradori Line.
1 minute walk from Sakaecho Station on Seto Line.
Parking Pay parking available

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