Namja Town

Namja Town

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Namja Town is an indoor theme park in the Sunshine City shopping complex in east Ikebukuro. The park was opened in 1996 by Namco, a Japanese company best known for producing video games, although the park itself does not focus on those games. Instead, it features themed dining, carnival-style games, a haunted house, and a line of character mascots exclusive to the park. Delicious Gyoza (dumpling) from all Japan and dessert from the world is the town’s specialty.

Namja Town has 3 areas which are Dokkingham Plaza, Fukubukuro Nana Chome Shopping Street and Mononoke Baigaichi. These areas are all decorated differently so have a very different atmosphere.

In Dokkingham Plaza, there are many types of rides and attractions which both adult and kids can enjoy.

Fukubukuro Nana Chome Shopping Street is a nice Showa Period town setting with recreated old alleys. Some of the seatings in the area were old wooden tables, seats, and crates. It’s like being in the set of Always Sanchome no Yuuhi (Always – Sunset on Third Street).

There are 3 food corners specialized in gyoza, desserts and ice cream.

Gyoza Stadium is the area for gyoza. There are about a dozen shops from all over Japan such as Kyoto, Osaka and Kyusyu to choose and over 100 different styles of gyoza to try. Gyoza isn’t exactly a rarity in Japan, but each shop boasts unique varieties and besides, it’s all about the experience. The whole place is just too goofy to pass up.

Desserts offers at Fukubukuro Dessert Yokocho are provided by famous dessert shops which are from Tokyo, Saitama, Fukuoka, Hokkaido, etc., People can taste various kinds of snacks, cupcake, pancakes, crepes, and more. Seasoned confectioners serve “deco-dessert,” or desserts like cake and ice cream decorated with animal and other motifs.

People who like ice cream can try visiting the Ice Cream City that sells various types of ice cream with all forms and tastes. Not only flavor of ice cream are delicious but also various forms or creations that sometimes awe-inspiring. For example, there is like a ball of ice cream or ice cream decorated with chocolate sticks and shaped like a mustache. Some ice cream shops here also issued a product that is inspired from anime or manga that are popular. Some of the weird flavors of ice cream available here. For example, there is a flavor of ice cream wasabi sauce unique to Japan, eggplant, curry, vinegar or made ​​of black squid ink. They are also alcoholic beverages flavors of ice cream like wine ice cream, sake ice cream and beer-flavored ice cream.

Mononoke Baigaichi is the area which visitors can enjoy haunted house attractions and adventure games.

Namja TownNamja TownNamja Town


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Namja Town is slated to reopen at July 11, 2013. The renovated indoor theme park will introduce new rides, attractions and characters, a dessert area, an original smartphone app, and many other features that promise even greater entertainment.



Address Sunshine City World Import Mart building 2F/3F, 3-1 Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-5950-0765
Admission Entrance
Adult: 800 yen
Child: 500 yen

Passport (Entrance and all attractions)
Adult: 3,500 yen
Child: 2,800 yen

Night Pass (entry after 17:00. Entrance and all attractions)
Adult: 1,800 yen
Child: 1,500 yen
Adult: over 13
Child: 4 to 12
Hours 10:00~22:00
Entry until 1 hour before closing
Closed Open 7 Days a Week
Duration 3 hours
Getting There By Train
8 minutes walk from Ikebukuro Station on JR Lines, Tobutojo Line or Seibu-ikebukuro Line.
3 minutes walk from Higashi-ikebukuro Station on subway Chiyoda Line.
4 minutes walk from Higashi-ikebukuro Yonchome Station on Toden Arakawa Line.

By Car
Take Shuto Expressway to the Higashi-ikebukuro exit.
Parking Parking available

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