Tanukikoji Shopping Street

Tanukikoji Shopping Street

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Among the largest and most historic malls in Sapporo, Tanukikoji Shopping Street is a ten block long outdoor shopping arcade with more than 200 stores offering a variety of goods ranging from clothes, jewelry, electrical items, furniture, souvenirs, nightclubs, cafes, bars and restaurants.

Since the beginning of Sapporo, Tanukikoji Shopping Street has been the place to be for locals and visitors from all over the world to come and have the time of their lives for approximately 130 years now.

The unique take of this mall is that visitors will find old and traditional merchants selling kimonos, tea or incense side by side with modern stores specializing in computers and software or state-of-the-art electronics and digital cameras – all of which lends it a bazaar-like quality. Many items for sale here are even cheaper than in the 100 yen shops. Check out the Donki’s Store for strange merchandise.

There are several festivals and events throughout the year, which make for a real spectacle if you’re lucky enough to visit while they’re on.

If you’re looking for some shopping items and don’t have the time to explore the intricacies of Sapporo Station/JR Tower, Tanukikoji Shopping Street is a great place to do some quick and easy street-level shopping.


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- The word Tanuki (狸 or タヌキ) used in the name of mall is the common Japanese name for the Japanese raccoon dog. The tanuki has eight special traits that bring good fortune: a hat to be ready to protect against trouble or bad weather; big eyes to perceive the environment and help make good decisions; a sake bottle that represents virtue; a big tail that provides steadiness and strength until success is achieved; over-sized testicles that symbolize financial luck; a promissory note that represents trust or confidence; a big belly that symbolises bold and calm decisiveness; and a friendly smile.

- The arcade holds lively events, including “Ouridashi,” which is well known for the grabbing of cash which will be held twice a year in June and December respectively, and “Tanuki Festival” in which the arcade is elaborately decorated. In addition to long-established shops, more boutiques for young people and unique restaurants have opened.



Address Minami 2 & 3-jo Nishi 1-chom to 7-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Phone 11-241-5125 (Sapporo Tanukikoji Shopping Street Promotion Association)
Admission Free  
Hours It is different of each store  
Closed It is different of each store
Duration 1 hour
Getting There By Train
3 minute walk from Odori Station on subway Nanboku Line or subway Tozai Line.
5 minute walk from Odori Station on subway Toho Line.
3 minute walk from Susukino Station on subway Nanboku Line.

By Car
Take Sasson Expressway to Sapporokita exit and take National Highway route 5. It is approximately 4 kilometers 30 minutes from exit.
Parking No parking available

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